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Keeping families together and preventing child-family sepration.


Ensuring care and protection when there is no family or it is not in a child's best interest to stay in the family.


Changing policy and practise to improve the situation of children without parental care or at a risk of losing it.

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SOS Children's Villages Philippines works to help children in 8 different locations across the country

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Frequently Asked Questions

SOS Children’s Villages is a private, non-political, non-government organization that provides a normal family environment to children who have lost or are at risk of losing parental care. We provide these children with their basic needs, such as food, education, and health care, along with social, intellectual, physical, personality, and spiritual development. This is to ensure they are empowered individuals from the moment they enter our care until they leave the program.

Moreover, SOS Children’s Villages work in the communities to prevent family breakdown, which often leads to child neglect or abandonment.

Since 1967, we have been committed to ensuring that each child’s right to a loving home and nurturing family is fulfilled here in the Philippines. And today, we have eight villages spread across the country where 1,000 children and young adults are provided care through our SOS Family Care (SFC) Program. About 8,000 more in the communities are supported through our Family Strengthening Program (FSP).

People who want to refer children to SOS Children's Villages Philippines should consult with the nearest DSWD office first so that they can assess the children and provide specific solutions for them. The DSWD is the one who refers children to us when they meet the criteria of being orphaned, abandoned, or neglected.

SOS Children's Villages does not offer adoption.

At SOS, our primary response for abandoned and neglected children is Family-Like Care (FLC). Our village serves as their home and they also have SOS mothers that treat them like they are their own. We provide for their education, health care and basic needs until they grow up, finish school and get jobs.

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