Family Strengthening

Ways We Support Families

Almost 3 million Filipino families live below the poverty line. When families find it difficult to support themselves, children are more likely to experience neglect and abandonment.

Through our Family Strengthening Program (FSP), we provide support to struggling families. We conduct counseling, skills training, and community-based programs to help families reach self-reliance and provide proper care for their children.


Educational Assistance

We help children finish their education through scholarships, stipend, and provision of needed school materials.

  • Employability training
  • Preparation for entrance and board exams
  • Partnership with local units

Livelihood Programs

We help families establish a sustainable livelihood through income support, employability training and other interventions.

  • Entrepreneurship
  • Employable Skills Training
  • Financial Management


We help families with improving their approaches in caring for their children.

  • Parenting Capability
  • Effective ways to communicate with their family members
  • Child Protection Law / Rights of a Child

Nutrition and Healthcare

Helping parents provide affordable nutritious meals for the whole family.

  • Food assistance
  • Backyard garden per village

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