Youth Empowerment

Every child has the right to an independent life and a bright future. But not all children and youth get the needed guidance and support to make decisions when it comes to their education and career.

We work to ensure that children and youth receive equal and accessible opportunities in education and employment. Empowered youth can make decisions that positively affects their lives, and participate actively in their society.

Youth Empowerment

Every young person has the right to secure and sustainable employment. Opportunities like formal education, vocational training and internships will teach the youth competencies and life skills they need to find work and live independently.

Education and Training

Every child has the right to have accessible quality education. No child should miss out on education due to poverty, neglect, discrimination, and many other factors.

We help our children and youth receive the education they choose through scholarships and providing for their educational needs. They also get to choose where and what to study while receiving guidance on the way to independent living.


YouthCan! is a global partnership for youth employability. We aim to support young people in their transition to employment and independent living.


Youth Participation

We engage and empower young people to fully participate in decisions affecting their lives. Promoting participation enables the youth to build ownership and be better equipped with the skills they need to become self-reliant and contributing members of the community.

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