Child Safeguarding

Many children all over the world still experience violence and abuse in many forms. Poverty and conflict make children more vulnerable to neglect, abuse, and exploitation.

We in SOS Children’s Villages work to create a safe home for children and break the cycle of violence. We work to minimize children’s exposure to risks of abuse, neglect, violence, and exploitation, and ensure that every child grows in a protective and caring environment.

Our work is in accordance to the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, the Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children, and our Child Protection Policy.

Child and Youth Safeguarding

Child and youth safeguarding is the responsibility that SOS Children's Villages has to take all possible steps to make sure its staff and representatives, its operations and its programmes do not harm children and young people or expose them to any risk of harm, including harm caused by other children and young people in care of and supported by SOS Children’s Villages, and to respond appropriately when harm does occur.

In this context, harm means abuse, neglect or exploitation of children and young people

Abuse, neglect and exploitation of children and young people:

  • Can be a deliberate act, accident or omission (such as failure to protect children, for example not supervising them adequately)
  • Can be caused or carried out by an adult or a peer
  • Result in actual harm to a child or young person or are likely to result in harm

Important Resources

SOS Care Promise

How SOS Children's Villages ensures the best care
for children and young people


Alternative Care of Children

The Guidelines for the Alternative Care of Children were borne from a recognition of significant gaps in the implementation of the UNCRC for millions of children worldwide...


Child and Youth Safeguarding Policy

This Child and Youth Safeguarding Policy defines the minimum standards required of all individuals and entities working for or on behalf of SOS Children’s Villages to ensure that our actions are guided first and foremost by the safety and well-being of children and youth who come into contact with us. 


Safeguarding Action Plan Progress Report

Our goal is twofold: to listen to and provide individualized support to anyone in the past who has experienced harm, and to prevent harm in the future.


Report a child safety concern

To report a child safety concern, you can send an email to, meet face-to-face with the child safeguarding team, or contact +639171089954 (SOSPH Child Safeguarding).