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We call our SOS Children's Village in Bataan the village of tomorrow. It is the youngest children's village in the Philippines, established in the town of Mariveles on March 04, 2009. The village has no gates, allowing the children to integrate with the community.


Children and youth in our care



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Children and youth in our care

The children in our villages have their basic needs met and live with a family. They are cared for in a loving and supportive community.


Families supported

Families in communities receive support through educational assistance, livelihood programs, and other interventions to prevent family breakdown.


Youth in Youth Empowerment

Youth receive the guidance and support they need on their path to independent living. Such support includes internships, trainings, and career counseling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Every SOS Children’s Village provides quality alternative care in a family environment and stability to children who have lost their parents or can no longer live with them. Four to ten boys and girls of different ages live together with their SOS parent(s) in a family house, and a village community tends to be made up of around eight to fifteen SOS Children’s Village families.
In some locations, SOS families live side by side with neighbours from their communities. The children receive the same quality care as in other SOS Children’s Villages, but the SOS families are integrated in the wider communities. The children and young people in SOS Children’s Villages care attend schools and other facilities in the local community.
At SOS Children’s Villages, children are supported in their individual development, education and health.

Every effort is made to ensure that the children placed in an SOS family are those who are going to benefit most from its care. Only children who need a new, permanent home in a family environment and for whom a more suitable care placement cannot be found are considered for admission into an SOS family. Generally speaking, children up to the age of ten can be admitted. However, when a group of siblings is admitted, group members’ ages may vary.

SOS Children’s Villages works with at-risk families and communities to empower parents through a range of activities so they can adequately care for their own children, and to help prevent family breakdown.

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