Our Impact In The Lives of Filipino Children

Since beginning our work here in 1967, SOS Children's Villages Philippines has provided support to thousands of children, youth and families through our alternative care and family strenghtening programs.

We care for thousands of Filipino children in need in 8 different villages across the country. We also provided support to more than 1700 families in their communities.


Children And Youth In Our Care



Families Receiving Support



Youth and children receiving support


Family Homes Across Philippines

Every child needs a home and a loving family. SOS Children's Villages Philippines has worked for more than 50 years to provide family-like care to thousands of children in need. As we provide homes to many children, we make sure that we have enough for the children we care for.

Children Under Care In Our Villages

SOS Children's Villages Philippines has provided quality alternative care in a family environment for more than 50 years. We always put the needs, the individual development, and the best interest of every child at the center of our work to care for children. When children are empowered with the care and support they need, they grow up to be their strongest selves.

Families Receiving Support

Every child needs a family to guide and protect them as they grow. But many parents face hardships while giving their children proper care. SOS Children’s Villages offers tailored support to strengthen families in need and prevent family breakdown. From counselling to skills training, parents are empowered with the resources they need to overcome their difficulties. With strong families, children and young people can receive the care and support they need to thrive.