How Our Family Strengthening Program Helps Tatay Ariel and Other Struggling Parents
May 2 2022

How Our Family Strengthening Program Helps Tatay Ariel and Other Struggling Parents

It's easy to repair a hole in a shirt. Simply sew a patch on top of the hole, and in a few minutes, the shirt will look good as new. But a gap left from losing a loved one is irreparable. When Tatay Ariel lost his wife to cancer, his heart was beyond torn. Tatay Ariel's life was never the same since then.

Now a solo parent, Tatay Ariel has to single-handedly provide the emotional and financial support that his children need. According to him, there are times when he feels frustrated, especially when he can't put food on the table or buy school supplies. "Being a single father is very hard, especially when you cannot give what they need. They have big dreams, and I don't want them to give up on those dreams just because of our living situation", Tatay Ariel shares.

No matter what, Tatay Ariel is determined to send all his four kids to college. To make this happen, he juggles his time between sewing, selling home-cooked meals, and caring for his family. His eldest daughter has already graduated from college and is helping with the household expenses while his youngest son is still in elementary school. "I know that finishing their studies and having a good-paying job is their key to getting out of poverty. That's why I'm doing my best to keep them in school," says Tatay Ariel.

Tatay Ariel singlehandedly raises four children after his wife passed away

To help Tatay Ariel and his children, SOS Children's Villages Philippines, through its Family Strengthening Program, extends food and educational assistance to the family. They are among the 144 families in Lipa who receive support through the program.

"It means so much for single parents like me to receive assistance in raising our families. Someday, I hope that my children can repay the kindness we are receiving now by helping other struggling families" - Tatay Ariel, FSP Beneficiary.

There are many responsible parents who due to unfortunate circumstances are unable to adequately care for their children. A single accident, illness, job loss, or economic crisis can create a financial nightmare that most Filipino families are unprepared to face. In these difficult times, the support from organizations like SOS Children's Villages Philippines can somehow alleviate the heavy weight these parents carry.

We thank our donors and partners for their consistent trust that through our programs, the support they gave will reach those who need it most. 



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