Learning In Style: FSP Youths Apply Their Skills for HIBLA Fashion Show
October 3 2022

Learning In Style: FSP Youths Apply Their Skills for HIBLA Fashion Show

Lipa City, Batangas – SOS Children’s Villages Philippines in Lipa held the HIBLA Hair Fashion Show in partnership with Henkel and other organizations and groups last September 16, 2022. It’s a means of showcasing local talents and products, as well as charity fundraising. 

Henkel, Inc., particularly their haircare brand Schwarzkopf Professional, has partnered with SOS Children’s Villages Philippines by teaching youth from the family strengthening program (FSP) and the children’s villages about hairdressing. Henkel has been teaching hairdressing to SOS youth for more than three years, excluding the years of the pandemic.  

This year, around 20 youth from different children’s villages and their respective communities have been chosen to participate in the six-week training. For those six weeks, Henkel taught the youth the basics of hairdressing, from fixing up hair into various designs to properly handling chemicals used to style hair. 

Like many other programs and training courses, this partnership with Henkel will open job opportunities in hairdressing for those who are either interested in the profession or need a job on the side for extra income.  

One of the 20 trainees, Lita*, found it an opportunity to hone her skills in the craft. She wants to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Nursing first before realizing her dream of establishing her own salon. She would also be able to help people who want to be hairstylists that way because hairdressing, like all other professions, takes a lot of hard work. “Hairdressing is not easy. You need to have a sense of responsibility, energy to do the tasks, and to do it passionately.” 

The culmination activity after the training is a collaborative fashion show like this year's HIBLA Hair Fashion Show. This fashion show for charity showcases models wearing clothes from Ibaan weavers and designers, and sporting hairstyles done by Henkel’s trainees from FSP. Not only is it a simple fashion show, but it’s also a way for the trainees and their trainers to witness and celebrate the fruits of their hard work. 

Just as the trainees cheer for the models whose hair they styled, their trainers are just as proud of their accomplishments and the results of six weeks of training. For Ms. Diane Fulton, one of the mentors from Schwarzkopf Professional, seeing the trainees improve from beginning to end was a fulfilling experience. “Watching them from their very first try of the styles to seeing them produce the styles on stage; it’s got to be the best feeling.” 

Hairdressing is one of many career opportunities our youth can take to achieve their dreams. Some people take hairdressing as a means to earn and shape their futures, and some do genuinely choose to pursue the profession.  

Partnering with professionals like Henkel, Inc. is part of our work for family strengthening. Learn more about FSP at https://www.sosphilippines.org/family-strengthening.  

Watch the highlights of the fashion show here: https://youtu.be/l1sXySlNhQE 


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