Where Your Support Goes
December 19 2022

Where Your Support Goes

Helping others is a collaborative effort between an organization and donors; the lifeblood of organizations that work in development comes from the generosity of other people who believe in their cause. 

Every donation, every bit of support from you helps us in SOS Children’s Villages Philippines care for abandoned and neglected children. But of course, you might want to know every now and then: “How do our donations really help the children?” “Is our money going where it’s meant to go?” 

We interviewed the head of the donor servicing team, Ms. Elaine Esteves, about where your donations go, how the donor servicing team works hand-in-hand with you to help abandoned and neglected children, and her insights and experience working in SOS Children’s Villages Philippines. 

How the Donations Help Children 

When you first started donating, whether it’s for a long time or for just one time, you were most likely told that your donations will help children live with a loving family in our care. How exactly does it work? 

The money coming from our donors and partner organizations are pooled together to support the needs of the children we care for and the villages they live in. Time and time again, what may seem like small donations make a huge impact in the long run if combined. 

“They may find it small, but the impact is bigger when we combine the donations that we are receiving because we know how to use these donations to benefit the children.” Ms. Elaine emphasized that long-term care for children will need long-term support as well.  

Here’s a quick, simple breakdown of how your combined efforts sustain the lives of children in need: 

  • The mothers can provide for the children’s and homes’ needs, emulating the self-sufficiency of a family; 

  • The children’s and youth’s educational needs and tuition are paid until they finish their studies and live independently; and 

  • Marginalized families in communities near the children’s villages receive financial assistance to put food on the table and send their children to school with, as well as livelihood assistance so that those families can be self-sufficient. 

Though this is the gist of where your donations go, needs can still vary among children’s villages and their neighboring communities. Hence, cash donations are preferred to allow the villages freedom to make the budget depending on their needs. 


The Team You Work With 

You might have met fundraisers from SOS Children’s Villages Philippines in either malls or airports, and have convinced you to donate. That then leads to another question: “Is my donation really going where it needs to go?” 

Once your first donation gets through, you now meet the people who respond to your questions and help you in your continued support of children in need: the donor servicing team. 

Ms. Elaine briefly describes the job of the donor servicing team as “We’re not just an ordinary customer service [team]. We partner with our donors to make a difference in the lives of these children in our care.” 

Though their work isn’t directly involved with the children, they help ensure that the villages have enough funds to continue caring for children in need by keeping our donors engaged. Not only do they answer inquiries from old and new donors; the donor servicing team helps donors understand the programs of SOS Children’s Villages Philippines, how those programs can continue helping thousands of children thanks to your support, and most importantly, making our donors feel valued and loved. “If we celebrate success in the organization, it’s also their [the donors’] success.” 

“For our donors, I would like to appeal for your continued support for the children. But I want also to thank our donors who are staying for the long term because their support can really change lives.” 

Your support, continued or otherwise, will change the lives of many children. Thanks to you, abandoned and neglected children have found and will find a loving home. 

Visit sosphilippines.org/donate to support children in need today. 


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