Moving Forward: SOS Children’s Village Davao’s 40th Anniversary


In celebration of their 40th anniversary, SOS Children’s Village in Davao held a Virtual Concert last September 12, 2021. Even with the distance imposed by the pandemic, those who gathered to commemorate this event enjoyed the performances and shared the warmth of everyone’s company. 

The village opened its doors to children in need in 1981 with 14 family houses, making it the largest children’s village in the Philippines. It has provided children with a loving home for 40 years with their programs and will continue to do so for the years to come. 

Our SOS families shared many wonderful performances as a show of gratitude, from song and dance, to even poetry. Many of the performances our range from singing well-known songs from movies to dancing to vibrant music, to reciting poems that speak of their struggles, their successes, and their gratitude. 

Some of the people who grew up with SOS and who are now successful in life shared their experiences while they lived with us. 

Sil (3rd person from the left) celebrates his graduation from BS Psychology with his collegemates. 

One of our former FSP beneficiaries, Sil, briefly narrated his and his family’s life and how SOS’s support helped him finish his bachelor’s degree in Psychology, reach his goals in life and help his family attain his needs besides his own.  

Maria Celes (rightmost) with her friends from Middlebury College

Another youth, Maria Celes, narrated her journey in reaching her dreams as she studied abroad and pursued her degrees. She also gave a message to the children and youth still living in the village, encouraging them to keep dreaming and to never give up.  

Two SOS friends also shared their heartfelt experiences with their immersion in SOS Children’s Village Davao. “Watching the amazing work of the mothers, the support and care that the coworkers provide... Seeing all of this amazing work really made me want to be able to contribute.” 

Forty years of providing for children in need and helping them reach their dreams is something worth celebrating amidst the struggles we all face. In the words of SOS Davao’s Village Director Bem-bem Rivero, “Bringing up children to be resilient and self-reliant individuals that contribute to a better society is worth celebrating. Empowering young people to become the best and strongest selves, and developing communities to have strong and self-reliant families so as to prevent child abandonment is very much worth celebrating.” 

If you missed the Virtual Concert or want to watch it again, you can watch the playlist we put together below. But the celebration doesn’t end here. SOS Davao has more in store this coming October, so stay tuned. You can check their teaser video here: Will you give Hope a home?  

With your support, SOS Children’s Villages Philippines shall continue to provide a loving home for every child to the best of our abilities.  

Screengrabs from the Virtual Concert: